Springest Go Roadmap

Building the future of learning

The Springest team works continuously to improve your Springest Go learning platform even further. Your feedback and wishes help us determine the most important next steps for our product. Below you’ll find an overview of all the requests we have received, and the features we are currently developing for you.

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These improvements are already helping our users learn!


Data is a very important part of the Springest platform. Both data type, as well as data quality, ensure a pleasant user experience. Therefore, we continuously strive to improve our data.


These are User focussed improvements of Springest Go. We believe that it is crucial to focus on the User in our development. Users should be happy to use our product, not forced to. That is why we always try to make their lives easier. By taking away the hurdles they encounter when they want to learn we ensure nothing stops the intrinsic motivation to develop and improve yourself.

Learning plan

Keeping track of what you have learned, and what you still want to learn, should be easy. We help you plan your learning path for life long learning.

Email notifications

Stay informed about the current status of learning within your team, without any effort. We notify you about the important changes and provide an overview of what you need to know.

For the Organisation

We believe the role of organisaitons is to facilitate and stimulate learning, to become a learning organisation. These features will help your organisation achieve that goal.

Course management

Many organisations organise their own courses to help their employees develop skills and knowledge that is specific to that organisation. This puts the organisation in the role of the education provider. Springest Go helps you develop your employees by taking care of all the processes involved.